Colder Than Here by Laura Wade

26 – 30 May 2010
Drama Centre Black Box @ The National Library Building
Directed by Claire Devine
Starring Susan Tordoff, Julius Foo, Rosemary McGowan & Rebecca Lee

What is it about?

The perfect burial site is hard to find and with nine months to live, a funeral to arrange and a family to sort out all before she goes, Myra’s got to get it sorted and it’ll start with a powerpoint.

Laura Wade’s Colder Than Here is a “beautiful and poignant” play that looks at how a family deals with the inevitability of losing a loved one to cancer while having to address the funny and mundane aspects of living.


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Playwright                                 Laura Wade

Director                                     Claire Devine

Susan Tordoff as ………….. Myra

Julius Foo as …………….. Alec

Rosemary McGowan as ……….. Jemma

Rebecca Lee as ……………. Harriet


Stage Manager                       Marc Valentine

Asst. Stage Managers             Valerie Chian

Aaron Teo

Production Manager             Rosemary McGowan

Set Design                              June Wong

Lighting Design                      Adrian Tan