Death and Dancing

20 – 23 November 2008
Play Bar & Club
Directed by Claire Devine & Cheryl Lee
Starring Rebecca Lee & Benjamin Wong

What is it about?

Death and Dancing follows the lives and loves of Max and Max – a gay man and lesbian woman, trying to break free of the shackles society, and their peers, have put on them. Love, sexuality and the choices that we make in our lives are examined in this piece, which in its essence, is a tale of freeing your mind so you can follow your heart.

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 Death & Dancing Gallery


Playwright                                Claire Dowie

Directors                                  Claire Devine & Cheryl Lee

Rebecca Lee as …………….. Max (female)

Benjamin Wong as …………….. Max (male)


Production Manager           Rosemary McGowan

Stage Manager                    Sahirrah Safit

Sound Designer                   Rob Devine

Lighting Design                    Koey Foo

Creative Design                   Jean Low