In-house Series 2 

20-21 August 2016
The Playtent
Directed by Claire Devine
Cast: Matthew Jasper, Victoria Mintey & Sahirrah Safit


How to be Happy by Amanda Leong Alicia and Nathan have been together for over ten years. Their relationship is stale and monotonous; you can smell the boredom between them. The overwhelming lack of interest in each other. But they are married, they must persevere. It is their duty. At a bus stop, along Bukit Timah Road, Nathan meets Sophie, a National Junior College student. 17 and beautiful. Nathan falls head over heels in love. Ignoring the obligations of marriage, he embarks on a torrid affair with a girl ten years his junior. The outcomes are explosive.

Dealing with extra-marital affairs, loneliness and abandonment, this play explores the pain of each party and their response to this chronic situation.


8.00pm:          20 & 21 August 2016


$15.00:              Standard


Playwright                                 Amanda Leong

Director                                     Claire Devine

Matthew Jasper as …………….. Man

Victoria Mintey as …………….. Woman

Sahirrah Safit as …………….. Girl


Stage Manager                     Rebecca Lee

Asst. Stage Manager/Publicity      Ruth Chee

Lighting Design                      Petrina Dawn Tan

Marketing              Stanley Seah