Essential Framing

18 – 21 October 2007
Guiness Theatre, The Substation
Directed by Claire Devine, Cheryl Lee & Rosemary McGowan

What is it about?

Essential Framing sees the coming together of two new and exciting plays, Existential Matters by Tessie Tan and Framed by Cheryl Lee. At the time, both playwrights were students from the National University of Singapore and wrote these plays as part of a playwriting module, led by renowned playwright Huzir Sulaiman, at the beginning of 2007.

Existential Matters – written by Tessie Tan – is about a girl who dialogues with the audience in her head.

Framed pursues a pair of lovers towards the frighteningly real conclusion of their past. It was written by Cheryl Lee as part of an international playwrighting development programme, World Interplay.


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 Essential Framing Gallery

Existential Matters

Directors                                   Claire Devine & Cheryl Lee

Stage Manager                         Siti Raudah

Sahirrah Safit

Ronnie Thomas

Anton Chan

Janet Goh

Rosemary McGowan


Directors                                   Rosemary McGowan

Stage Manager                         Nureen Raidah

Claire Devine

Andy Tear


Production Manager          Rosemary McGowan

Set Design                           Haziq

Lighting Design                   Thu Yain

Publicity Design                  Jean Low

Multi-media Design             Jean Low       Cheryl Lee