In-house Series 4

10 – 11 December 2016
The Playtent

What is it about?

Untitled by Hevina Kaur with contributions from Wisely Chow

Sasha a typical young adult. Out partying. Out drinking, Out socialising. Her single parent Mother, attempts to make light of the situation until Sasha returns late one evening, disheveled and bruised, sobbing. After a number of attempts at persuasion, Sasha confesses that she has been man-handled by the boy she thought she loved. A tale of rape and the aftermath of discovering you are not alone.


8.00pm:          10 & 11 December 2016


$10.00:              Standard

For Tickets, please email or call +65 9621 8154


Playwright                                 Hevina Kaur

Contributor                                Wisely Chow

Sasha                                Rebecca Lee

Caroline                                Claire Devine

Lighting                                Siti A’syurah

Sound                                Alizah Hamid

Design                                Ruth Chee