In-house Series 1 

18 – 19 June 2016
The Playtent
Directed by Claire Devine
Cast: Rebecca Lee, Stanley Seah & Sahirrah Safit

What is it about?

Hold On by Wisely Chow The play is based on a telephone conversation between separated siblings. According to Today Newspaper, 7th March 2015, the amount of Singaporeans working overseas has increased by a third over the past decade. This can cause anxiety between family’s and lead to dispute and/or disengagement.

The Heart is just a Muscle by Nor Narisha Ibrahim This play is written in response to a broken heart. A first relationship gone wrong. It addresses the issue of loneliness when we are left, abandoned by one we think we love. Someone we have committed ourselves to, full of hope of shared memories, only to be forgotten, left behind. It is formed cleverly as a discussion between a girl and her heart and reveals multiple points for discussion.


8.00pm:          18 & 19 June 2016


$15.00:              Standard


Hold On

Playwright                                 Wisely Chow

Director                                     Claire Devine

Rebecca Lee as …………….. Sarah

Stanley Seah as …………….. David

The Heart is just a Muscle

Playwright                                 Nor Narisha Ibrahim

Director                                     Claire Devine

Rebecca Lee as …………….. Pianist

Sahirrah Safit as …………….. Heart


Stage Manager                     Ruth Chee

Lighting Design                      Petrina Dawn Tan