Don’t Kancheong, Kiasu & Kiasi (2017)

24 – 26 February 2017
Conceptualised by Jack Sim
Directed by Claire Devine
Casts: Rebecca Lee, Dominic Ng,
Yarden Yap, Regina Chua, Danny Jow,
Sahirrah Safit & Adib Kosnan

The play takes place over a series of days/weeks and highlights multiple issues faced by those within a system that currently appears outdated, that leaves those within the system disempowered and isolated.


3.00pm:          25 & 26 February 2017
8.00pm:          24 – 26 February 2017


$15.00:              Standard

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 Don’t KKK Gallery


Playwright                                 Stanley Seah

Conceptualiser                              Jack Sim

Director                                     Claire Devine

Rebecca Lee as Amy

Dominic Ng as Mr Tan

Yarden Yap as Tommy Tan

Regina Chua as Mrs. Lim

Danny Jow as David

Sahirrah Safit as Ms. Sarah

Adib Kosnan as Hamid


Stage Manager                              Ruth Chee

Assistant Stage Manager                             Siti Sarah            

 Sound Operator                              Siti A’syurah

                  Lights Operator                            ‘Alizah Abdul Hamid